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Alexander Mikhalchenko

Hello. I'm Alex

I am an IT expert with extensive experience in modern web dev and startups. Former CTO and currently the founder at XFuturum, I personally manage all project we have.

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Are we yet another outsourcing agency? Not quite right.

Here at XFuturum we love working with startups and we know how to work with startups (pre-Seed, Seed, Series A).

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We'll have your back

A CEO should develop business and raise capital. I have seen enough businesses suffer because CEO being too involved in IT dev (QA or even coding - yeah, that happens too). Focus on the business, we will take care of the tech side.

Custom Web Development

We build custom feature-rich web apps with modern technology stack most suitable for the business (typically it would be React/Redux + node + ELK, all dockerized).


Save time and money creating proof-of-concepts and MVPs with the look-and-feel of a market-ready product to validate ideas.


Need a hand with technical things? No problem. Project evaluation, infrastructure audit, IT strategy development.

Performance optimization

Advanced metrics for web app performance, reports, tracking down bottlenecks.

We found in Xfuturm much more than an “outsourcing” company. I found a trusted partner and an adviser to our development team. Huge commitment getting the best solutions to fit our product needs, at many Levels: Backend, frontend, database, performance and up to date technology. Thanks to Xfuturum team we could take our product to the next level.

Jorge Santos, ex CTO at Zaask

If you're searching for professionals, look no further. We've been working together since 2016 and it changed many things. The entire codebase was migrated to nodejs + ElaticSearch giving us a ridiculous boost in performance. It helped reduce maintaining costs and speed up development processes. I highly recommend Xfuturum.

Bartolome R Bordallo, Serial Entrepreneur, CEO at Tractionboard


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Or leave your email and we'll contact you shortly

Thanks, we'll contact you shortly!